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Jim Freeman Plumbing is your one-stop shop for all things related to water tanks in Nowra: we can supply, install, repair and clean tanks for all purposes. Plus water pumps and filters.

Based in Bomaderry, we supply residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Nowra and the Shoalhaven. Call us now on 02 4421 7419 for a quote.

Rainwater tanks

Use the water for flushing toilets, filling your pool, clothes washing, fire fighting, or watering your garden over the dry months. Or add a pump and filter for your own supply of drinking water.

Grey water tanks

Make the most of our precious supply of water by reusing the water used to rinse dishes, laundry, or from your bath or shower. This water can then be used for car washing, garden irrigation, and washing your driveway.

Drinking water tanks

A well-maintained, filtered water tank system can provide either your main water supply, or a backup supply if you’re on mains water.

Garden water tanks

Need extra water for growing your veggies, or watering your lawn over summer? Rain water storage tanks or grey water tanks will extend your water supply.

Which type of water tank is right for you?

Water tanks are made from a variety of materials; we’re happy to help recommend the right tank for your needs.

Slimline water tanks

Slimline tanks are a great solution in urban areas where space is at a premium. Use your slimline water tank for drinking water, grey water, or garden water.

Concrete water tanks

Concrete is very dense, which means it stays cooler, and keeps your water cooler. Concrete water tanks are strong and long lasting. The biggest issue with concrete tanks is cracking – especially in dry weather. If your tank is leaking, give us now on 02 4421 7419 for our water tank repair service.

Plastic water tanks

The plastic water tanks we supply are food grade standard. Poly water tanks are light and easy to install. In windy areas, they need to be well secured so they don’t blow away when empty – we can help with this.

Steel water tanks

Corrugated metal water tanks have a classic round look, and have the benefit of also being suitable for roof mounting.

Water tank add-ons

Jim Freeman Plumbing in Nowra can supply all the extras to go with your water tank:

Downpipe and guttering installation and repairs

We can install, modify and adapt your downpipes and gutters for your rainwater collection, or grey water recycling. That includes laying new underground pipes, if needed.

First flush diverters

First flush systems keep the first flow of water away from your tank, so that all the sediment that’s collected on your roof since the last rain, doesn’t end up in your water.

Water filter systems

Water filter systems keep your water safe. Requirements vary, on whether your tank contains drinking water or grey water: we have solutions for all needs. Contact us too for your regular water filter replacement.

Downpipe diverters

Help prevent muck from getting into your tank. Downpipe diverters reduce the chance of leaves and other debris from getting in your tank when you’re cleaning the roof or gutters.

Water pumps

Get your water to where you need it – and with good pressure. We have a range of water pumps to suit your needs.

Water tank cleaning and repair service

We offer water tank cleaning in Nowra, as well as tank repairs. The NSW Government recommends that you examine your tank for sludge every 2 to 3 years. Working inside a tank can be dangerous due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning – let us do it safely for you.

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